1:1 iPad Programme Overview

The school’s increased use of iPads in primary grades has enabled demonstrated increases in digital literacy and learning constructions previously unattainable. The touch capability of iPads provides access to learning for young students previously unavailable. This will allow more deeper and personalized learning opportunities to be pursued, which can be built on in later years.


iPad (2018 6th-generation) 128GB

Ordering An iPad


At this stage it is intended for security and balance reasons that the iPad will not go home everyday. This will be subject to review as we see how the implementation unfolds.


    1. A number of paid apps provided in your child’s school iPads are owned by the school and regrettably, we cannot extend those app license to students when they leave the school. Thus, your child will need to have the iPad re-imaged prior leaving the school.
    2. Before such, students are advised to backup all the personal data before visiting the OneDoor (Level 7) for re-imaging. The technician will inform your child when it can be returned. The process should take about an hour. The Admissions Office will then be notified once the process is completed.
    3. For those who fail to comply, the School reserves the right to withhold transcripts and/or charge for the software titles taken away.

Consult the Gr.1-3 iPad Programme FAQ for details.

Ordering An iPad

Updated: April 17, 2018