Grade 1 – 1:1 iPad Parent Information Session 2017

The 1:1 iPad parent information session went very well on May 11.  Thanks to all the staff and parents attending.  The next step is to order the iPads before May 31.

To purchase the iPads, you will need to register an account on the iPad Purchase Portal ( using the student’s school email address which you can find in their Pink Book.

Please review the information from the night:

Link to the slide show

Important information about the iPad programme:

  1. Register an account at the iPad Purchase Portal (
  2. All parents with children going to Gr.1 have to purchase the iPad bundle from the purchase portal by May 31, 2017
  3. To register for a purchase account, you will need to use your child’s school email address which can be found on the student home diary (Pink Book)
  4. Since it’s a transaction between you and Senco, please fill in your personal email address for parent contact address
  5. Your child’s iPad will be set up properly and delivered to their classrooms in August for them to start using for learning

Please refer to this page for more details about the iPad programme.