Turn off Data Roaming when traveling abroad

Avoid hefty roaming charges when travelling to your overseas destination.
Learn how to turn off Cellular Data and Data Roaming.

In Settings, tap Cellular or Mobile (UK English).

In the Cellular pane, Tap Cellular Data Options or Mobile Data Options

Make sure the Data Roaming toggle is off

Adjusting resolution while using AirPlay

AirPlay is a convenient way of wireless projection. However, the default resolution may not always be the perfect fit. Learn how to adjust the Apple TV’s resolution with this guide.

Photo Attribution CDNIS Media Team

  1. Activate AirPlay with the Apple TV in your room.
  2. Locate System Preference on the Apple Menu.
  3. Locate the Displays pane in System Preferences.
  4. Locate the Apple TV-RoomNumber (AirPlay) window, it’s usually on the AppleTV side.
    If you’re unable to find this window, click Gather Windows.
  5. Select Scaled, and find 1280 x 720 from the drop-down menu, which effectively lowers the resolution.
  6. Check if the new resolution looks better on the projector.
  7. If you prefer the previous resolution, revert by clicking 1080p or Default for display

Taking attendance on Blackbaud

This is how you take attendance on Blackbaud on the CDNIS Portal.

Attendance Types

  • Lower School
    – Day Attendance
    – Homeroom Teachers Only
  • Upper School
    – Class Attendance
    – All Subject Teacher

Attendance Codes

  • A – Unexcused Absence
  • AE – Excused Absence (by the School)

Tardy Codes

  • L  – Unexcused Late
  • EL – Excused Late (by the School)


1.  Log into CDNIS Portal with your staff number (e.g. P0007)
2.  Choose faweb
3.  Click Attendance

Remember to mark the Attendance Taken for that day.

Click Save.

Photo Attribution CDNIS Media Team