How to Download Report Cards in Veracross

Step 1: Log into your Veracross account.

Step 2: Beneath your child’s name, click “Reports

Step 3: Below the heading “REPORT-CARD“, there are 3 links–one for each grading period.

  • Click “MS First Reporting Period” for MYP Interim Progress Report (Grade 7 to Grade 10).
  • Click “Provincial Report MS First Reporting Period” or “Pronvincial Report US First Reporting Period” for Ontario Provincial Report (Grade 9 to Grade 12).
  • Click “US First Reporting Period” for DP First Progress Report (Grade 11 and Grade 12).

  • A new window will open displaying the report card.

***Veracross makes available only the current year’s reports. In order for you to have complete records, you must print or save your child’s reports to your computer. To print a report, click Print to PDF at the top right. You may then print the report or save it to your computer.***