Create a Google Group Email List

To create a Google Email List and share it with everyone in CDNIS, follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Click on CREATE GROUP

3. Enter the Group Name, choose Email List in Group Type. We recommend using group names that are easy to remember and conforming to approved standards (e.g. Gr.1 Team, LSPA, etc.)

4. Set up Basic Permissions (You can choose only members of the group can view the topics, and only invited users can join the group, but everyone in the organisation should be able to post to the mail list) and then press CREATE.

4. Press OKAY

5. Press on Manage Members and then choose Direct Add Members. Then enter the email addresses of members in the mail list and press ADD

6. Press DONE

7. The members will receive an email to notify them that the Mail List is created

8. Once the Mail List is created, all CDNIS domain users can use the same mail list to email the members of the group.