Digital Ambassadors unbox their first Drone

It has been an exciting week for the Digital Ambassadors when the first Drone arrived at OneDoor. Being an experienced pilot, Aden led the ‘Flight Club’ to unbox and configure the new ‘Flight Club One’. They will be using the new DJI Spark to film aerial footage, capturing the school from a new perspective.

Look forward to creative and innovative ideas from the Digital Ambassadors.

Photo Attribution

 Ben Lau

Reminder: Don’t update to High Sierra or iOS 11 just yet

Apple releases the macOS update High Sierra today and you may notice notifications from the App Store.

Along with iOS 11 – released several week ago – please refrain from installing the updates as it is yet to be tested on school network and systems. You will be notified when the update is ready; while iPads will automatically update itself.

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Photo Attribution Apple