To Scan (for students)

1.  Click the Email icon.


2.  Click New Recipient and enter your email address.  Click Close when completed.IMG_3513IMG_3514

3.  Click here to change the scanning color setting (default is black and white).


4.  Put the original on the glass, or the document feeder for multiple pages (face up, and no staples).


5.  Click Start to scan.


6.  Remember to take your originals after scanning.

To Make an A5 Booklet on Library Copier

To make an A5 size booklet, you can use the library photocopier and follow these steps:
1. Print out all the pages you want to include in the booklet in A4 size
2. Go to the library photocopier
3. Put the pages on the photocopier in landscape mode
4. Choose Tray 1
5. Choose Output Format>Booklet Creation
6. Choose “Create Right Bound Booklet” and “Print on Both”
7. Choose “Fold & Staple…” > “Fold & Staple…”
8. Choose “Paper Supply” > Tray 1 (Cover Tray) > Tray 1 (Main Body Tray)

Process for Large Format/3D Printing

Detailed enquiries should be directed to:
Lower School – Vivian <>
Upper School – Aaron <>


Here is the link to a GoogleForm which we are using to guide the process and manage the workflow

We can print on the following media;

  • Single weight Matte Paper (Up to 44″/111.8cm Wide, Good for Pin Board Displays)
  • Enhanced Adhesive Synthetic Paper (Up to 44″/111.8cm Wide, Good for sticking to glossy surfaces)
  • Premium Luster Paper (Up to 44″/111.8cm Wide, Excellent for Photographic prints)
  • DisplayTrans Backlight Media (Up to 36″ Wide, Intended for Window/Glass)