Adobe CC 2019 – Activate with Enterprise ID sign in for Gr.5 and Gr.6

1. Launch the Adobe software (e.g. Adobe Illustrator CC 2019)

2. Click “Sign in with an Enterprise ID” at the prompt

3. Type in your CDNIS email address in the address field, and then click “Sign in with an Enterprise ID”.

4. Sign in with your CDNIS Google login credentials (prompt maybe in Chinese when login within Hong Kong).

Please input your school email address (e.g. <name> You may get a prompt for Google 2-Step Verification if the feature was enabled.

CDNIS LS Digital Curriculum

Students in Grades 1-6 use their personal iPads to develop digital literacy, digital citizenship, and computational thinking skills.  

Digital Literacy is the process to apply efficient and effective use of technology for learning. Students from Gr.1-6 use age-appropriate iPad apps to plan, organise, create, investigate, problem-solve and communicate.  

Digital Life is the ethical and responsible use of technology. It is an essential part of the programme to enhance balance, ownership and leadership.

Coding and robotics are integrated into the curriculum to engage students with hands-on problem solving, design and computation thinking skills.

More details about the programme on this link.