Graduating Students (Gr.12) are required to De-Image their MacBooks


CDNIS has a number of agreements with our software suppliers. Our School’s software is very much dedicated for our educational needs and is very specific to CDNIS. Regrettably, we cannot extend those software licenses to students who depart/graduate from CDNIS.

Student are required to De-Image (reset to Apple’s default OS image/settings) their MacBooks prior to graduating from CDNIS. De-Imaging normally takes from 60-90 mins.

The following procedure needs to be followed:

  1. Book a time slot for De-Imaging of your MacBook here
  2. Backup all personal data beforehand. You will find a guide here
  3. Take your Apple MacBook to the MacHub at your booked time for De-Imaging.

The Admissions Office will then be notified once the process is completed. For those who fail to comply, the School reserves the right to withhold transcripts and/or charge for the software titles taken away.

If you have questions about the personal device program, please feel free to contact us at

2015/16 CDNIS Departure Image is based on Apple’s default OS setting,  further details of Apple default OS image/settings can be found on Apple’s website