Guidelines on school­-provided student loaners

MacBook Air

The purpose of school­-provided loaners is for students to continue their learning uninterrupted. Only a limited number of loaners are available so strict guidelines must be followed.

Students whose laptops are being repaired are entitled to a loaner under these circumstances:

  • If purchased through the school provider Senco, and is being repaired through Senco, a loaner is provided. The computer that requires repair must be under warranty or an Apple Care plan. This is to ensure that the repair does not take too long and a replacement computer is not loaned from OneDoor for a prolonged period of time. This is also to ensure the continuity of the repair services provided by the School’s reseller, Senco, located at the MacHub next to OneDoor.
  • If the computer is being repaired outside of the school, students are required to provide evidence such as a receipt / e-­receipt which was given to them by the repair centre. If it’s not possible to provide a receipt, the student can ask his/her parent to send an email to to inform OneDoor that the computer is being repaired.

The loaners must be returned back to OneDoor by the agreed day. A form must be completed when loaning as well as when returning the computer.

If a student forgets to bring their laptop they can use the desktops in the Library if needed. Students are not entitled to loaners if they forget to bring their computers or forget to charge their computer.

Chargers are not available, but charging is available in OneDoor. It is recommended to charge each night.