Backup and Restore your WordPress Blog and Portfolio

Here is the link to the tutorial that will teach you how to export the WordPress blog (or the student iFolio) and import it in a new personal WordPress site. In the process, you will be asked to put in the staff or students’ credentials to access the site.

Student blog site address is :

Login Username is : student number

Login Password is : student’s network password (if forgot, please obtain from OneDoor)

If a leaving student has a WordPress account, it can be exported and imported onto a new personal WordPress account. Please be reminded that the free WordPress personal blog doesn’t restore your media files (ie. photos, videos, audio files). If needed, after importing onto a new site, the media files could be downloaded to a personal space for storage. Or choose to apply for a paid (with media) WordPress account at

Students should export their WordPress files before the last day of attending CDNIS.  After that the account will be disabled.

See this video tutorial ( for instructions.

Setup Subscribe by Email

Installing the Subscribe by Email Plugin

(because Feedburner is undependable)

In Dashboard, click on Plugins.


Check Subscribe by Email, then click on Activate


After Subscribe by Email is activated, you can find Subscriptions in your Dashboard toolbar. Click on it, and go to Settings.


Choose email frequency from the dropdown menu and any other customisations you prefer.


Go to Appearance>Widgets.

Find and click on Subscribe by Email, select your desired location, and click Add Widget.


Change the order of your widgets by dragging and dropping them into your desired layout.


This is how the widget will appear on your site.