Subscribing To CDNIS Calendars On Your CDNIS Google Calendar Account

By successfully implementing the following steps, the subscribed CDNIS Google Calendars will show on the web interface (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) of Google Calendars when signed into your CDNIS Google account.

It will also show on your Mac and Mobile devices if you have set up the CDNIS Google account and enabled the calendars module for the account on the devices.

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To Scan (for students)

1.  Click the Email icon.


2.  Click New Recipient and enter your email address.  Click Close when completed.IMG_3513IMG_3514

3.  Click here to change the scanning color setting (default is black and white).


4.  Put the original on the glass, or the document feeder for multiple pages (face up, and no staples).


5.  Click Start to scan.


6.  Remember to take your originals after scanning.