Accept Google Classroom Guardian Email Summary

Best Practice to Accept Google Classroom Invitation

  1. The teacher sends you an email invitation to receive Guardian Email Summary

  2. Use a computer to accept the invitation (do not use mobile phone or iPad)

  3. Open a private browser (e.g. Incognito Mode in Chrome)

  4. Sign into your Google account via

  5. Open the Guardian Summary Invitation (email subject: Get Google Classroom email summaries for... ) email and click "Accept".

  6. You and your child should receive a confirmation email if the invitation has been properly accepted.

  7. By default, Guardian Email Summary will be delivered weekly.

For further information to Guardian Summary, please visit the link below.

Example of Guardian Email Summary

In email summaries, you can review:

  • Missing work—Work not turned in when the summary was sent.

  • Upcoming work—Work that’s due today and tomorrow (for daily emails) or that’s due in the upcoming week (for weekly emails).

  • Class activities—Announcements, assignments, and questions recently posted by teachers.

If there’s no activity to report or if a teacher turns off email notifications, you might not get an email summary.