1:1 iPad Programme


Every Grade 1 – 3 student will use their own iPad to develop their digital portfolio. By personalizing the iPad and building a portfolio the student can develop confidence and competence through structured play and inquiry, build up a portfolio of learning through media (audio and visual), better engage in personalized literacy development, better communicate to teachers and parents, and obtain more timely and focused feedback from a wider range of people.

This will continue to be part of a balanced approach to each child’s education, with handwriting and other non-digital skills continuing to be a part of their learning. What the iPad will enable is a sharing in real time with parents and the building of a personalized record of achievement that will link into later years.

The LTT Department can provide information about how the iPad is used in the classroom to advance teaching and learning. Please feel free to contact the LTT department at ltt@cdnis.edu.hk for more information.


The school’s increased use of iPads in primary grades has enabled demonstrated increases in digital literacy and learning constructions previously unattainable. The touch capability of iPads provides access to learning for young students previously unavailable. This will allow more deeper and personalized learning opportunities to be pursued, which can be built on in later years.

2020-2021 CDNIS Recommended iPad Model

iPad Wi-Fi (7th-generation) 128GB

iPads Stay at School

At this stage it is intended for security and balance reasons that the iPad will not go home everyday. This will be subject to review as we see how the implementation unfolds.

Upon Leaving the School

A number of paid apps provided in your child’s school iPads are owned by the school and regrettably, we cannot extend those app license to students when they leave the school. Before leaving, the iPads will be taken to OneDoor (Level 7) for removal from the school’s device management system.

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Consult the Gr.1-3 iPad Programme FAQ for details.


If you have any questions about the iPad program, you may contact us at: onedoor@cdnis.edu.hk

If you have any questions regarding orders of a iPad, kindly contact Senco-Masslink Technology Limited, info@sencohk.com, 852-2511-5760.