(For Staffs and Students ONLY)

  1. Check the Approved Software & Subscriptions document before submitting your new request.

  2. If the requested app is on the approved list and it is free, contact OneDoor if you need help with installation.

  3. If the request app is on the approved list and it requires payment, contact your Department Head or Learning Leader for budget approval and purchase procedures.

  4. Requests should be submitted by Learning Leaders, Department Heads, Coordinators, or Administrators to ensure the new Digital Tool fits curriculum needs.

  5. For Lower School Requests

    1. If it is a mathematics resource, please share it with Natatlie Ross to ensure it fits into our larger vision for mathematics before passing it to Steve Brown to bring up to the PLT.

    2. All other resources including Literacy requests are to go to Steve Brown who will then follow the process above.

  6. Submit a Request for New Digital Tool form and the App Evaluation Committee will test the software and check for security and privacy.

  7. The App Evaluation Committee meets every Friday morning for app evaluation. Recommendations will be sent to SLT for final approval. Results will be communicated accordingly.

  8. Once the software is approved and it is purchased, please fill in this form to update the school's Software & Subscriptions list.