Set up Out of Office Messages

Out of Office Messages

You may wish to set a vacation responder to your emails if you are out of office. This includes school holidays and personal leave. 

 Follow the steps below to set up the message in your school GMail account.

Wording of the vacation responder:

Summer Break:


Out of Office - Summer Break: June 15-August 10, 2023



Thank you for your email.

Canadian International School of Hong Kong is on Summer Break from June 15-August 10, 2023. I am currently away from the office from [enter the start and end date of when you will be away] and will not be able to respond immediately. However, I will be checking my emails regularly and will respond as soon as possible.

If your matter is urgent, please contact the main office (+852) 2525 7088 or or one of the departments listed below.




Human Resources:

Technical Support:

Lower School:

Upper School:


Kind regards,

[Your name]

If you are leaving CDNIS:


Out of Office - No longer at CDNIS



Thank you for your email. Please note that I am no longer an employee of Canadian International School of Hong Kong and therefore no longer have access to this email account. If you require assistance, please contact [name and contact information of the appropriate person/people who can assist]. You may contact me via [personal or new work address].


Kind regards,

[Your name]