Ordering an iPad

CDNIS iPad Ordering Procedures

Parents can purchase the iPad from a store of their choice (e.g Apple Store), or from the School's 1:1 programme partner, Secno-Masslink. Hardware purchases outside of Senco-Masslink would not be able to access the onsite hardware repair support with MacHub at the School. Parents of new students who plan to order an iPad with Senco-Masslink should make their purchase before June 2, 2023 to ensure the iPad is processed and delivered in time for the commencement of the new school year.  Late orders after June 2 are still acceptable, but on-time delivery is not guaranteed.

Ordering Procedures with Senco-Masslink


Login ID: Your Student ID # (e.g. 123456) 

Password: Please refer to the letter from school

NOTE: Please download CDNIS iPad Purchase Instructions (prepared by Senco-Masslink) for step by step instructions on how to use the online purchase portal.

Senco-Masslink is a third-party vendor.  CDNIS is not liable or responsible for any purchases made through Senco-Masslink. Please contact Senco-Masslink for availability and delivery information.