Ordering An iPad


  1. Click on the following link to go to the purchase portal: http://www.eduoffer.com/eshop/school/cdnis

  2. Register for an account (Parents will need to provide student email address for registration of account. If student email address is not available, parents can send in a copy of the student ID/library card or the school offer letter for approval. Parents with multiple children will need to create separate accounts for each child)

  3. After registration, parents will need to activate the account by signing into their child’s email account for confirmation (or sign-in to their own email account if they have used it for registration)

  4. Once the account is activated by email, parents can use the online shop system to check and/or purchase the products

  5. NOTE: Please download CDNIS iPad Purchase Guide (prepared by Senco-Masslink) for step by step instructions on how to use the online eshop.

Usually the entire ordering process should take approximately 3-4 weeks. The iPad will be delivered to school and prepared to be used in class by the students. Parents do not need to pick it up.

Consult the Gr.1-3 iPad Programme FAQ for details.