Ordering Headsets

All Gr.1-5 students are required to have a headset with recording function.  The school has researched and found a specific headset that is child-friendly and has recording function to help students to utilize the tool in classes.  However, parents can feel free to purchase headsets suitable for their children outside of school. 

If you need to order a new headset for your child from Senco-Masslink, please follow these steps:

1.Go to http://www.eduoffer.com/eshop/school/cdnis

2.Login with your username and password  (the same one you used to order your iPad in Gr.1 or MacBook in Gr.4)

3.Choose School 1 to 1 Program

4.Choose Buddy Phones Explore Foldable with Mic for Gr.1-3 and Study Phones with Mic for Gr.4 and up

5. Add to Cart

6.Proceed to Checkout

7.The headset will be delivered to the classroom from Senco-Masslink.