Ordering Headsets

All Gr.1-5 students are required to have a headset with recording function.  The school has researched and found a specific headset that is child-friendly and has recording function to help students to utilize the tool in classes.

If you need to order a new headset for your child from Senco-Masslink, please follow these steps:

1.Go to http://www.eduoffer.com/eshop/school/cdnis

2.Login with your username and password  (the same one you used to order your iPad in Gr.1 or MacBook in Gr.4)

3.Choose School 1 to 1 Program

4.Choose Buddy Phones Explore Foldable with Mic for Gr.1-3 and Study Phones with Mic for Gr.4 and up

5. Add to Cart

6.Proceed to Checkout

7.The headset will be delivered to the classroom from Senco-Masslink.