Pre-Owned MacBooks

For families with a child already owning a MacBook

For the best learning experience for your child,

The school recommends the following technical specification:

Families who plan to use a pre-owned MacBook need to  bring their MacBook to OneDoor (7th Floor Digital Service Centre) for enrolment into the school’s device management system.

Pre-owned devices must be in working condition.  You can get hardware diagnostics for your devices at Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider.  Please back up the data and sign out of Apple ID before the device is brought to school for set up.  Pre-owned Devices can be brought to OneDoor (7th Floor) starting mid-July or at the beginning of the new academic year to register with the school systems. Please click here to make an appointment​​ with OneDoor.

Please note that Gr.4 to 5 students also need to purchase a MacBook plastic cover and  a headset for school use.

Please contact OneDoor (email: ​ or Make an appointment​) if you have any other questions. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the MacBook programme, you may contact us at the school's digital service center at

If you have any questions regarding orders of a device, kindly contact Senco-Masslink Technology Limited,, +852 2511-5760.